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My brother Evan and I - 8th grade graduation for Evan 2004

Jeremy age 5, Vincent age 3 (middle), and Evan age 7
Christmas of 1998
Vincent at  2 yrs. old
Evan (51/2), Vincent (2), and Jeremy (4)
Father's Day of 1997.
Happy Father's Day!      Daddy
June 1999
More photos to be added soon.......
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           Evan & Jeremy July 2005
               Evan & Jeremy July 2005
Jeremy 2005
Evan 2005
Mom 2005
         Dad, Jeremy & Uncle Oscar 2005
Mom (again) 2005
                         Evan & Jeremy 2005
     Dad, Mom and "me" at Morro Bay 2005
        Here I am taking in the sun  2005  Pismo Beach
Dad and Mom with me at Santa Cruz 2006
Jeremy - Santa Cruz  2006.
Evan - Santa Cruz  2006

Mom and her boys   2006 Santa Cruz
Dad and his boys Monterey 2006
                        WAR  "Low Rider"
At the 2005 Science Olympiad for my brother Jeremy.
"Check out my wheels, they're great for off-road stuff...."
Easter 2005 with all my cousins
Egg hunting with my  Aunt Gator!
Easter 2005
and a few friends. . . . .
Mom and Aunt's Rosie, Yesse & Uncle Raul                       2005 

This is just a nice RIviera......
Dad Huntington Beach Hyatt  - 2006
Mom Huntington Beach Hyatt - 2006
Evan Bolsa Beach - 2006
Jeremy Huntington Beach Hyatt - 2006
Huntington Beach Poolside, Mom and friends...Rich, Tracy and kids.....
Evan & Jeremy in Pool...I think they're swimming....
Mom & Uncle Sid - Rivera Beach Party Bolsa Beach  2006
Here I am kicking it with the Coy Fish at the Hyatt - 2006
Here we are with the Incredible Hulk Summer 2004 (Universal Studios)
Evan, Jeremy & Mom in line to drive cars at Disney 2006
Evan in sports car..
Jeremy in sports car.......
Mom in sports car....
Evan & Jeremy in Pirates ride....
Evan in Disney at night...
Me and Mom  Easter 2007
  Dads family Easter 2007
Moms family Easter 2007
Kicking back at home June 2007
Its my 12th Birthday!!!! 7/26/07
My daddy loves me very much!
Visit from Uncle Terry Jan 2008