Look!  My very own California license plate.

And Yes, I am a Steeler Fan!!!
     This is the VinnieVan
(Okay, okay, its a 2000 GMC Savana Explorer Limited SE Conversion Van )
This is my feeding button
The VinnieVan is equipped with a RAMP!
It is Manufactured by Braunlift, the Vangater.
It folds up and out of the way allowing a little more that half a doorway entry
Quickie/Zippie Wheelchair
Prime Engineering Supine/Prone Stander
Rifton Bath Chair (med size) with leg extension for added
With the Mic-key extension and syringe, I'm ready to get fed....just pour in and slowly let the food enter my tummy. Go slow so that I don't get a tummy ache....
This is my new Trach (Shiley #4) with artificial (HME) nose for breathing...keeps the air clean like a filter.....
This is my Hospital Bed which was donated to us by a relative.  Mommy made it look more like a regular bed and it keeps me very comfortable....
This is where we keep my emergency and medical supplies....nice cabinets we bought at Lowes.
Here is an example of some of the items kept in one of my drawers.....Trach cleaning supplies.....
This is my Easy Air Humidifier. This helps me when the humidity in the air is low..
This is my Protable Easy Go suction machine. We use it to clean my trach.....its a must everywhere we go!
This is my Pulse Meter. We use it to make sure I am getting enough oxygen....
These are my Sage Toothettes. We use them to clean my mouth and teeth for a quick cleaning.... I do get my teeth brushed too. These are very good for oral stimulation.
Here is what the ramp looks like when it is up........
Other Equipment: I also have a Tumble Form Side Layer (used to keep me on my side), Tumble Form Chair for seating,  and a Tumble Form Wedge. I have a Columbia Car Seat with a base,  hand/wrist splints an exercise ball and some stimulation toys. 
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Vincent's New Wheelchair by Solara
New Wheelchair front view